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mod greg
mod greg

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PostSubject: advertisement.   advertisement. EmptyThu Dec 16, 2010 2:40 am


as you can see , this is a new runescape private server , soo we need some advertisement , and since we got 5 admins , we need in-game moderators and forum moderators , soo we have decided advertisement will get you slowly a rank.

copy and paste the following if you wanna join.

time play per day:
how long are you gonna advertise:

founder:-mod greg

co-leader:-(emphty spot)
-(emphty spot)

proffesional advertisers:-(emphty spot)
-(emphty spot)
-(emphty spot)

senior advertisers:-(emphty spot)
-(emphty spot)
-(emphty spot)
-(emphty spot)
-(emphty spot)

advertisers:-(loads of emphty spots).

advertisement will start after we have 5+ mems.

thanks for applying.
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